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This is an adaption of the Fortran77 to C translator f2c from netlib. The f2c "compiler" works as expected, the only deviation from the original documentation is in the fact that you can not use a *.f file specifier, i.e. it will compile only one source file at a time. I have included a slightly modified f2c.h include file that conditionally undefines huge etc. modifiers.
The compiler produces C code that must be linked against the runtime libraries libf77.lib and libi77.lib. While the translator itself runs in native Win32 mode, it may be necessary to install the Downhill library available at  http://www.accurev.com/free/u2nt/ (a lightweight Un*x to Win32 compatibility library) if you get unresolved externals during linking.

    f2c.exe, f2c.h, libi77.lib, libf77.lib

    contains the "binaries" together with the source and a test program

Remarks on building:
A sample Fortran test program is provided with the source distribution. The Fortran source is translated to C by VC5 custom build step and the resulting C program is compiled with the -MD option to link with libf77.lib and libi77.lib.
There is a potential problem with the binary/text dichotomy of the file opening modes. To be on the safe side, I would recommend to link your program with binmode.obj to set the default file mode to binary. In general, this required if your Fortran program uses a BACKSPACE.

Original location of this page: http://www.weihenstephan.de/~syring/f2c/f2c.html


I have compiled the f2ced BLAS, LINPACK and LAPACK sources from netlib as a DLL. The file netdll.zip contains the libs together with the DLLs and header files required to build the dlls. These includes (blas.h, linpack.h and lapack.h) are included now automatically by a modified f2c.h. This f2c.h also links in libi77.lib and libf77.lib automatically via a #pragma comment, while you have to add blas.lib, linpack.lib and lapack.lib manually to your project. Remember that both linpack and lapack rely on blas.

Otherwise, there is little special except modified seconds/dsecnd functions in LAPACK adapted for win32 (secondw.c). I have not figured out what floating point masks should be used, so there is no call to _controlfp anywhere.

To rebuild the BLAS, LINPACK and LAPACK libraries yourself, install the f2c.h, blas.h,linpack.h and lapack.h header files and rebuild the sources with
for %1 in (*.f) do f2c -A %1
cl -c -MT -DF2CDLL *.c
link /dll /out: name.dll *.obj (blas.lib)

Download netdll.zip

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