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What is it?
This is a COM wrapper for Stephen Moshiers Cephes (double) library that provides a number of special mathematical functions not available from within Visual Basic or Excel (VBA). I once did it when early Excel 97 had the erf function broken.

Functions provided
                Arithmetic and Algebraic
Square root                     sqrt    
Long integer square root        lsqrt   
Cube root                       cbrt    
Evaluate polynomial             polevl
Evaluate Chebyshev series       chbevl
Round to nearest integer value  round
Truncate upward to integer      ceil
Truncate downward to integer    floor
Extract exponent                frexp
Add integer to exponent         ldexp
Absolute value                  fabs
Rational arithmetic             euclid
Roots of a polynomial           polrt
Reversion of power series       revers

                Polynomial arithmetic 
Add polynomials                 poladd
Subtract polynomials            polsub
Multiply polynomials            polmul
Divide polynomials              poldiv
Substitute polynomial variable  polsbt
Evaluate polynomial             poleva
Set all coefficients to zero    polclr
Copy coefficients               polmov
Display coefficients            polprt
Square root of a polynomial     polsqt
Arctangent                      polatn
Sine                            polsin
Reversion of power series       revers

                Exponential and Trigonometric
Arc cosine                      acos    
Arc hyperbolic cosine           acosh   
Arc hyperbolic sine             asinh   
Arc hyperbolic tangent          atanh   
Arcsine                         asin    
Arctangent                      atan    
Quadrant correct arctangent     atan2   
Cosine                          cos     
Cosine of arg in degrees        cosdg   
Exponential, base e             exp     
Exponential, base 2             exp2    
Exponential, base 10            exp10   
Hyperbolic cosine               cosh    
Hyperbolic sine                 sinh    
Hyperbolic tangent              tanh    
Logarithm, base e               log     
Logarithm, base 2               log2    
Logarithm, base 10              log10   
Power                           pow     
Integer Power                   powi	
Sine                            sin     
Sine of arg in degrees          sindg   
Tangent                         tan     
Tangent of arg in degrees       tandg   

                Exponential integral
Exponential integral            expn    
Hyperbolic cosine integral      shichi  
Hyperbolic sine integral        shichi  
Cosine integral                 sici    
Sine integral                   sici    

Beta                            beta    
Factorial                       fac     
Gamma                           gamma   
Logarithm of gamma function     lgam    
Incomplete beta integral        incbet  
Inverse beta integral           incbi   
Incomplete gamma integral       igam    
Complemented gamma integral     igamc   
Inverse gamma integral          igami   
Psi (digamma) function          psi     
Reciprocal Gamma                rgamma  

                Error function
Error function                  erf     
Complemented error function     erfc    
Dawson's integral               dawsn   
Fresnel integral (C)            fresnl  
Fresnel integral (S)            fresnl  

Airy (Ai)                       airy    
Airy (Ai')                      airy    
Airy (Bi)                       airy    
Airy (Bi')                      airy    
Bessel, order 0                 j0      
Bessel, order 1                 j1      
Bessel, order n                 jn      
Bessel, noninteger order        jv      
Bessel, second kind, order 0    y0      
Bessel, second kind, order 1    y1      
Bessel, second kind, order n    yn      
Bessel, noninteger order        yv      
Modified Bessel, order 0        i0      
Exponentially scaled i0         i0e     
Modified Bessel, order 1        i1      
Exponentially scaled i1         i1e     
Modified Bessel, nonint. order  iv      
Mod. Bessel, 3rd kind, order 0  k0      
Exponentially scaled k0         k0e     
Mod. Bessel, 3rd kind, order 1  k1      
Exponentially scaled k1         k1e     
Mod. Bessel, 3rd kind, order n  kn      

Confluent hypergeometric        hyperg  
Gauss hypergeometric function   hyp2f1  
2F0                             hyp2f0f
1F2                             onef2f
3F0                             threef0f

Complete elliptic integral (E)   ellpe  
Incomplete elliptic integral (E) ellie  
Complete elliptic integral (K)   ellpk  
Incomplete elliptic integral (K) ellik  
Jacobian elliptic function (sn)  ellpj  
Jacobian elliptic function (cn)  ellpj  
Jacobian elliptic function (dn)  ellpj  
Jacobian elliptic function (phi) ellpj  

Binomial distribution           bdtr    
Complemented binomial           bdtrc   
Inverse binomial                bdtri   
Chi square distribution         chdtr   
Complemented Chi square         chdtrc  
Inverse Chi square              chdtri  
F distribution                  fdtr    
Complemented F                  fdtrc   
Inverse F distribution          fdtri   
Gamma distribution              gdtr    
Complemented gamma              gdtrc   
Negative binomial distribution  nbdtr   
Complemented negative binomial  nbdtrc  
Normal distribution             ndtr    
Inverse normal distribution     ndtri   
Poisson distribution            pdtr    
Complemented Poisson            pdtrc   
Inverse Poisson distribution    pdtri   
Student's t distribution        stdtr   

Dilogarithm                     spence  
Riemann Zeta function           zetac   
Two argument zeta function      zeta
Struve function                 struve

Fast Fourier transform          fftr
Simultaneous linear equations   simq
Simultaneous linear equations   gels (symmetric coefficient matrix)
Matrix inversion                minv
Matrix multiply                 mmmpy
Matrix times vector             mvmpy
Matrix transpose                mtransp
Eigenvectors (symmetric matrix) eigens


Moshier, S.L.: Methods and Programs for Mathematical Functions, Prentice-Hall 1989
Source: http://www.netlib.org/cephes
A VB example project that install the cephes.dll COM server: cephes.zip

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