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GNU utilities for Win32

ActiveX control for OpenGL

A COM wrapper for the Cephes library of math functions

The f2c Fortran to C translator for Win32

Science Stuff

Modeling nutrient uptake by plant roots








Last change: 04-05-04

Scientific and IT Consulting

Karl M. Syring

Simulation and Optimization

Development of models for ecological processes, including chemistry and biology

Estimation and Optimization of model parameters

Data Analysis and Statistics

Exploratory data analysis

Data modeling

Univariate and multivariate methods

Empirical modeling by high-dimensional parametric models (neuronal nets)

Time series analysis

Spatial statistics: Geo-statistics and point pattern analysis

Visual presentation

Production of TeX documents


Scientific visualization and animation

Maps for agricultural and ecological purposes

Common computing projects

Porting of Unix software to the Win32 environment

Porting of Fortran77/IV programs to C/C++ /Java

Wrapping of C/C++ programs into Microsoft COM servers

Conversion between unusual data formats